Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gratitude Rocks!!

Here is a list of the things that, at this time in my life, I am grateful for.
- My Savior Jesus Christ. Let face it, without him, our lives would be lonely. He wants us to be happy. And through our darkest moments he is there to comfort us. Thank you!
- My eternal family. I have without a doubt the ultimate best family. They are always there for me when I need them the most. I can always count on them to make me feel better. Plus, I love that we tease each other, it makes me stronger. Thank you!
- Sincere hugs. There is nothing better in this world then a hug that had's the sincerity behind it. And trust me I can feel the difference. Thank you!
- My job. Working with the best people in the world has been the best distraction a girl could ask for. Thank you!
- A hot shower. I know weird, right? But it's true. I was thinking that this morning when my room was super cold and I needed to get warm. Thank you!
- Sister Elaine L. Jack. I am currently reading her book 'Eye to Eye, Heart to Heart' and it truly is amazing. It is exactly what I need right now and I feel that the book is written directly for me. Thank you!
- A priesthood blessing. I love the power that comes when a priesthood holder comes to my house, places his hands on my head and gives me a blessing of comfort. I cry through the whole thing and am eternally grateful for every word that is spoken. Thank you!
- A box of tissues. Those babies have come in handy. Thank you!
- My space heater at work. My office has disconnected the heat in our building. My desk is granite. Coldstone could seriously open shop here on my desk in the winter and serve ice cream, it is that cold. Thank you!
- Prayer. I heart the fact that anytime, anywhere, I can pray to my Heavenly Father and ask for guidance, love, comfort or express my gratitude. It's such a great blessing in my life having that communication. Thank you!
I heart Thanksgiving! Thank you to everyone and everything in my life. I love you!!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

My Boys

These are "My Boys"
They are roommates.
They are each different.
They are smart.
They are easy-going.
They are genuine.
They make me laugh.
They are simply AMAZING!
Chase, Dave, Yours Truly, Tyson
Chase is one smart cookie. This guy works with computers and knows all about them and their special little tricks. I saw his desktop and it is covered with icons. A little overwhelming for me but he understands it all. He has a photographic memory and can pretty much remember every scripture and talk given in church. He is a talker and can talk and "argue" with you about anything. This guy kissed a random girl at New Year's! (I learned that last night) He teaches me something new each time I see him. He makes me smile.
Dave is my best friend. This guy has never met a stranger. He makes everyone he meets feel comfortable. He is hard working in every aspect of life. He is currently in PT (physical therapy) school and studies ALL the time. Sucks for me but I appreciate his dedication. He has confessed many times though that he just stops studying and reads movie updates, surf the web, watch 'Friends', etc. He would rather be playing with friends and enjoying the good times. He and I are similar in so many ways but are different in so many ways, so being with him is always fun and interesting. I swear this guy wants to be a "gangster." We argue like brother and sister and we do the nuh-uh and yeah-hah all the time. It's quite comical. He makes me smile.
Tyson is the kindest person I have ever met. This guy will give the shirt off his back if needs be. I have never heard one judgement come out of him about anyone since I have known him. He loves everyone and will do anything for you. If you are having a bad day he is the guy you want to be around. He will be that genuine listening ear and will give you the advice that you need but didn't think that you needed. He is so faithful in the gospel. He loves his family so much and is always showing me pictures. He plays the piano and writes his own music. Super talented. He makes me smile.
This picture shows all of our personalities.
Chase - "I don't really care what you think of me"
Dave - "That's right, I'm bad"
Yours Truly - "I'm sweet and sassy."
Tyson - "I'm here, now what?"
I will be sad & happy when these fine gentlemen find their eternal companions.
The girls that snag them will be the 3 luckiest girls.
*disclaimer - I know some of you may want to comment on me and these guys well go ahead. They do not read this as they don't know that I have a blog.
Gratitude Rocks!!!
-CES Firesides, surprise visits, good conversations, being dressed in all white, my hair, being told how much you mean to one person.