Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Consequences for having fun

Saturday I went to Sedona's Slide Rock Park to have some fun with friends.
If anyone has ever been there I am sorry to say that it was just OK.
Super crowded and not what I was expecting.
Oh well, it didn't matter,
I was with one of my favorite people.
Things were going great, sliding down the slides of mossy rock.
Next on the list was cliff jumping.
Not a big deal.
I heart jumping from high heights.
The only thing that was preventing me from taking that plunge
was the hike back up. I had decided that I was too lazy to do that little detail.
But Dave was encouraging me to do it from below.
I made the choice to do it. Especially since I already threw my shoes down to him.
I needed to retrieve those suckers.
I jumped from 33 feet.
FYI: I have jumped higher than that.
Come up out of the water and I can't see a thing.
I lost one contact while the other is lost in my eye.
I screamed "Damn It!"
I am blind!
Luckily we left 20 min after that happened.
Get back to Glendale and we decide to go to dinner.
I am gross from the water,
I am disabled.
Where is my seeing eyed dog?!
Dave comes up with the brilliant idea to put in my one contact and wear an eye patch.
Like a pirate?
I went to dinner looking like a Pirate.
It was pretty funny.
Luckily I don't get embarrassed easily and everyone was good sports.
The picture was taken with my camera so it isn't the best quality of that great mess.
I had to drive home this way too.
Don't worry,
I didn't hit anyone and my hands were at ten and two the entire time.
It was fun, but I hope to never have that happen again.
Yours Truly home safe that night.
Gratitude Rocks!!
- Sight!, compassion, popcorn, newborns, paper shredder, a smile to brighten my day