Friday, June 24, 2011

Mary Poppins' Bag

My purse is seriously ridiculous
People have joked with me that when I have kids
 I will be dragging behind me a suitcase on wheels cause I already tote around a ton of crap
Can you imagine when I have my children?
The madness that will come with my bag will be outrageous!
In my bag already is the usual; wallet, checkbook, lotion, gum
Then you add the first aid kit, camera, extra battery for my phone, the female necessities, Kleenex,
envelopes, an little wallet full of cards, clothes pin, etc.
Sometimes I can't even believe what I find when I dig through it.

Gratitude Rocks!!!
- big bags to accommodate my crap, Chinese-Mexican food, giving my friends a couple of "firsts"

Thursday, June 23, 2011

I know, I know!

I know I have been slacking.
I lost my groove
Maybe it's because I got bored with this
or maybe it's because I didn't want to do this particular day
I am supposed to share a story from my past that I am ashamed of
The thing is, I can't decide on a story
I am sure my mom can name a bunch of things that I did as a kid that are a little shameful
But I think I will share this story.
Nicole and I were hanging out in the living room
Doing what I really can't remember
Probably either picking out a movie, playing a game,
doing our own thing or just trying to get on each other's nerves
We were kids and that is what you do when you are juvenile
Either way I got upset with her and I kicked the cupboard of the built-in entertainment center
I kicked it so hard that I broke it in
Do this day you can see where my little temper got away from me.
I am sorry mom
I am sorry that I ruined your cupboard
I am sorry that I got angry with Nicole
I am sorry Nicole for being upset at something that probably wasn't worth getting upset about.
I have learned to control myself and hopefully no other cupboards will be hurt by me.

Gratitude Rocks!!!
- forgiveness, bosses that let me watch Ollie during work at work, being honest with a best friend, laws of the road 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I skipped this one by accident
but now I am thinking I don't even want to do it.
I don't really know what makes me different from everyone else.
I feel that I can blend in so well that I can easily be forgotten.
I don't ever expect to be remembered after first meeting me.
I can be adventurous, spontaneous, friendly, funny.
But so can every other person. 
Nothing makes me different.
And after thinking about it more and more
I am content to be just me.
I am a phenomenal person and I am ok with that ;)
Maybe that is what makes me different.
I am happy with the way I am.
I am not saying that a lot of people aren't happy with themselves
but how many voice it.
If you are happy with you, voice out loud!

Gratitude Rocks!!!
- satisfying my Red Lobster craving, not ruining Rice Krispie Treats (I don't know how it happens but they never turn out when I make them), my music knowledge

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Let's fill the void already!

I hate when I have cravings.
It seems that when I get a craving nothing can seem to stop it until I remedy the problem
and when I want to remedy that said problem no one wants to come with me.
Currently my craving is Red Lobster
We are now entering the 3rd week of this craving.
But I do have one craving that never seems to go away.
I crave someone to hold me.
And by someone I mean someone that is of the male gender
and desires to just hold me.
Wrap me in his arms and protect me.
I know, I am such a sap but it is something that I long/crave for.

Gratitude Rocks!!!
- peer pressure (i know weird but when I am pressured to do something and I overcome that "peer" it makes me proud of myself), temples, my bishopric's wives (amazing women)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Work @ KS is so hard

This is what I pretty much did today.
My feet up watching something.
This morning I finished season 5 of Lost
In this photo I was watching my Netflix that I received in my mail today
The Switch
It was ok but it kept me busy for about 2 hours
which is always nice.
Now as I am typing this I am watching Merlin from Netflix
As cheesy as the show is, it's actually entertaining.
Pretty much, I can and will watch anything here at KS.

Gratitude Rocks!!!
- the smell of clean laundry, powerful music that brings one to tears, walking, a sane mind (a crazy lady called here twice to talk to me and I couldn't make any sense from her), a job that allows me to watch movies/tv

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

*poof Whadda ya need?

If I ever got a hold of a magic lamp
rub the crap out of it and out popped a genie
I would wish for
1) To be comfortable with money
Not insanely rich just to the point where I don't need to stress
2) Give me access to travel the world whenever I feel like getting away
3) To be at multiple places at once
I want to please everyone but can't
Let's hope that someday I find that lamp

Gratitude Rocks!!!
- the amazing men and women doing what they can to contain the fire up north, medicine to stop this cold from getting worse, communication

Monday, June 6, 2011

You Can Call Me...

I have been called a lot of names.
Some have been cruel, some have been funny
some have stuck.
4 names come to mind when I think of nicknames.
First is probably the oldest, Sarah Sue
My Grandpa Buckley started this one.
From what I understand he called all his granddaughters
(*insert first name) Sue
I think only mine stuck.
And it carried over to my mom's side of the family,
my Aunt Niecy calls me that all the time.
Second is one that I hated at first but then it grew on me,
My cousin Clark started this one to bug/pick on me.
It worked for a while but then I didn't care to fight it anymore
It also got carried to Miami and friends started calling me that.
Third one is simply Buckley
I get called that by most of my co-workers.
A guy I work with walks in the door shouting "Buckley!" all the time
I have grown accustomed to it
and have actually started calling Nicole that.
Lastly is Peeps.
This is an interesting story
I will try my best to keep it short
It started when we went to the lake and I dared a friend to cliff jump naked
He did along with another friend
We were on jet skis and I waited around the corner until he was done.
I didn't want to see anything.
I was called over by a guy friend that said they were ready.
Well, they weren't!
I saw both those boys stark naked on top that cliff.
My poor eyes.
Anyways 1 year later we were gathered around a table chatting
That day came up and he learned that I saw him in his birthday suit.
Well after him telling me how "violated" he was 
(*eye roll* like I wanted to see any of that)
He started calling me Peeps.
He spread that to his roommates, friends and ward members
Now everyone knows me as Peeps
Isn't life grand?

Gratitude Rocks!!!
- learning that I don't like Vegas, Amy for being a good roommate, a video of a friend riding a mechanical bull (I cry still watching it)

Thursday, June 2, 2011


 I am going to make this short and sweet
I am going to do 2 of each
* Get a roommate by August
Spread the word peeps!
* Finish one of the many many books that I have started
* Get married in the temple
* Have 5 homes spread throughout the world
(you know how I feel about goals)
* Travel the world
* Finish the Sticks

Hopefully 2, if not all, happen.
Wishin' and hopin'

Gratitude Rocks!!!
- cows! so that i can eat delicious hamburgers and eat yummy ice cream, understanding travel companions, giving 10% to tithing, paying bills

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Photography/Travel for a Day

In deciding who I wanted to switch lives with for a day
I contemplated many things.
First, I would love to be in someone shoes
but who in there right mind would want to be in mine?
I would probably be the last of a long long line of people
on someones list.
Second, who would I pick.
There ares so many interesting people out there
that it would be difficult to choose.
I thought of a friend of my mine that seems to have all the boys pining over her.
This girl gets flowers from all sort of boys that want to swoon her.
Every time I am at her house she has a new bouquet on the table.
I am a little jealous, I admit.
But I was pa-roozing through the blog world this morning
and it hit me like a ton of bricks.
I would want to be Wendy of bluelilyphotography for many reasons
1) She has beautiful red hair that I have always wanted
2) She is married to her best friend
3) She has 2 adorable kids that are btw adopted
4) She takes the most beautiful pictures I have seen
5) She travels the world doing what she loves with 3 of her favorite people
Can life get any better than that?
I conclude that it can not.
Yes, I would love to be Wendy for a day.
What an adventure!

Gratitude Rocks!!!
- a car that runs, not being in love with knick-knacks, a mom that is gracious enough to let me and my friends borrow her car for the weekend, my testimony of the true gospel of Jesus Christ (someday I will share it with you)