Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Everyone Else's Idea of Camping

As much as I hate actual camping I did do it.
I have a friend that, if he had the choice, would live in a tent for the rest of his life.
When the weather is right he goes ALL the time.
Each time, he asks me to come along but I never had the chance.
One weekend in May I found an opportunity to go.
Luckily more of my friends were going as well.
Dave and I drove up together cause he was leaving Saturday and I was leaving Sunday with Jakeb.
We got lost and couldn't reach anyone to see where our campsite was.
It was dark and rainy and we were on some curious roads.
I almost thought I would be part of a scary movie and get gutted by mountain men.
Alas, we found Jakeb and his friends.
It was super cold and wet.
The fire was not keeping me warm so I just went to bed and froze all night.
This is why I have camping.
I am cold, wet, tired and dirty. 
Regardless I did have fun.
Me and my friends went on a little hike near the cliffs of our campsite and saw amazing views of the mountains. I am often amazed at the beauty of this earth.
Jakeb who I was supposed to come home with ended up sick and left Saturday as well.
I had no ride and was stranded.
I made a last minute decision and came home with Dave.
However he was taking a detour to Camp Verde to meet his brother and friend to go to a concert.
Luckily it was cheap and no assigned seating.
The concert...Styx.
I had only known 2 songs and Dave is a fan.
On the drive up he shared with me their greatest hits and to watch him sing these songs was highly entertaining. I knew this concert was going to be a treat.
I love it when I am right.
I had a lot of fun with these 3 people and have learned to like Styx.
Overall, it was a fun weekend and I am all set for awhile in the camping department.

Arizona has such beauty

Creepy crawlers

Dave was posing, little did he know I was set to ruin his photo.
Mission accomplished

Ellen and Yours Truly

Dave, Ellen, Yours Truly, Matt and Mary Ann

I just love us :)


Yours Truly, Dave, Brian and for the life of me can't remember this cute girls name

Gratitude Rocks!!
- Air Conditioning, a weekend that hasn't happened yet but I know I am already grateful for it, breakfast, reminiscing of the past, a cake that I will actually eat

Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Idea of Camping

I have this adorable, beautiful and generous friend named Christi.
Her family has a "cabin" in Payson.
This "cabin" is freakin' amazing!!
You can play 'Sardines' for hours and never find the person.
So frustrating btw.
It contains my dream kitchen, many many rooms,
a master closet that I swear is the size of my living room.
And ... I am going to say it, every shower is a sex shower.
Let's just leave it at that.
Gorgeous home. Period.
Christie had invited a bunch of us up for the weekend in April.
We BBQ'd, played games, watched movies in the theatre room,
and just enjoyed each other's company. 

I didn't get any pics of the house but this is ONE of the living rooms

Playing with the Wii

We woke up to this beautiful sight. Snow, first in Arizona and second in April!
 While shopping for our food, someone thought it would be fun to buy stuff for facials.
Clearly we had some fun with the product.
I am not vain. I promise.

Striking our yoga poses
 We got to up again in June. This time some other friends got to come with.
We took advantage of the warm weather this time and played outside.
I didn't get the memo of tennis so I got to watch and ref.
I actually had fun giving the calls. Aw, the power.
Official ref of the tennis match

Enjoying the accommodations of the country club

The Gang (Christi is the girl sitting on the ground)

Thank you Christi for letting us play at your family's second home.
Can't wait for us to do it again.

Gratitude Rocks!!
- not having Facebook so that I can't get addicted to Pintrest, Psych (Ellen will be so proud), Stacey for coming to the temple with me 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Look Who Is Back

I know that I have been such a slacker.
I got bored with that challenge that I didn't have a desire to keep doing it let alone finish it.
So you guys will never know more about me.
I am not that exciting anyways.

Over the next couple of days I am planning on updating you with the things that I have been doing.
Today is just a random post of the things that I felt didn't quite fill one post.

Before it got too hot me and my friends always got together to have BBQ's on Sunday
Super fun! We would just all pitch in and have delicious food and great company.
We would just chill for hours and chat on the blankets talking and laughing

Amber, Troy and I waiting to be fed

Yours Truly, Ellen and Crystal
Crystal (in white) is my new roommie. She is so sweet
 Four of us went to the Renaissance Festival during Conference weekend in April.
It was fun but more cause I was with this group below.
I could care less to have all the boobs/cleavage everywhere I turn.
I have enough of my own that I don't need to see everyone elses.
Plus it's so expensive, we were lucky and got a discount on our tickets
but the food and any sort of activity is worth an arm and a leg.
Now that I have done it, I am good for another couple years.
Mary Ann, Kristen, Yours Truly and Jakeb

Mern and I eating our GIGANTIC turkey legs for the first time.
I will be OK with life to never eat one of the those again.

Enjoying the sky chairs
If anyone wants to give me a pair for any gift giving holiday, I will not stop you.
 For about a month or so, my friends and I would go on night hikes.
The weather was beautiful at night and because it was night we didn't do the crazy insane hikes.
Seeing the valley at night is breathtaking.
I recommend it and can't wait when we can do that again when it stops being 100 degrees at 9pm.
Half way done with the hike
Beautiful evening before it starts to stay hot at night

The Girls
Gratitude Rocks!!
- new roommate, Dropbox (seriously amazing), photos of Ollie, vacations, being done with traveling, Monday night game night at mi casa, cookies that make a dear friend of mine happy, a new calling, being able to visit teach an amazing woman