Friday, March 23, 2012

Hunger Games

Went to see the midnight showing of Hunger Games last night
or more correctly today.
I never really know how to feel about movies that have the big hype behind it.
So I decided to go into it like this;
I knew that it wouldn't be as good or amazing as Harry Potter
(how could it, right?)
But I knew it would definitely be better than Twilight.
I love it when I am right :)
Go see it, if you don't already have plans to.
Thanks to Tori and her roommies for getting our tickets and saving our seats.
They got to the theater at 4pm yesterday
They are sure fans and troopers.
Our group took up a whole row but here are some of the peeps that I am lucky to know
Yours Truly, Mary Ann, Emily and Kristen
I am super tired though and always question myself about why I go to midnight showings.
Yeah it is fun to be one of the millions to see it first
but I always end up working the next day.
And bonus! The dumb neighbor dog barked for the 2 hours of the 3 I got to sleep.

Gratitude Rocks!!
- having the ability to restrain myself from killing someone else's pet, spring, hiking with friends, doing something out of the ordinary (more on that later...if it pans out), fingers (otherwise this would never happen)