Monday, September 24, 2012

Chicago Day 4

I leave on my new vacation tomorrow so I needed to finish this one today.
Our last day was spent at two museums.
The Shedd Aquarium and The Field
Which was nice since this was the day that super hot and humid.
Tori and I loved this day since we are museum junkies and loved every minute of it.
Before we went to the the Shedd we checked out the entire skyline of Chicago.
So pretty!!
The Shedd was awesome and for $8 it was cool
We didn't see everything cause it was a bit pricey and plus we wanted to spend our time at the Field but we saw a bunch of fish.
The Field was da bomb!
We were there for 3 or 4 hours and didn't see half of it.
I need to go back.
But we saw a real mummified lady, Sue the T-Rex, weird mammals, early American artifacts, and we "shrank" down to the size of a bug and roamed around underground.

They had an exhibit at the aquarium featuring jellyfish but that was more and this was all we saw.

Smiling Fish

We weren't sure if this frog was alive cause it was so pretty and still, but we saw it breathing

This "Sue"
She is the most completed T-Rex at 90%
She was AWESOME!

Giant totem poles

Tori was in her element in the dinosaur exhibit

The 2 signs that are featured in this picture we couldn't take pictures of but they were pretty cool.

Waiting for our plane watching 'Adventures in Babysitting'

My pano of the skyline

I loved this trip!
I got to spend it with some amazing people and experience new things.
I recommend everyone to go.
So much history and beauty, it was lovely.
Gratitude Rocks!!!
 - Elder Bednar, my many "ah-ha" moments the night he spoke to us, hot dogs, disney songs, that some friends finally got the experience of NYC.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Chicago Day 3

I need to finish this trip before my next one in 11 days!!
Day 3 started off with us going to visit the Chicago Temple
Very beautiful temple that is surrounded by beautiful greenery.
We walked around a bit, enjoyed the peaceful feeling that is there
 and of course Dave snapped a ton of pictures.

After the serene place of the temple we went to the chaotic place of Wrigley Field
Cubs fans are out-of-this-world!
They are a whole other breed that I was completely entertained the whole time
I'm not really a fan of baseball but Ryan is a Cubs fan so that is one thing he wanted to do.
And bonus, they were playing the Dbacks. Go figure!
And we, meaning the dbacks, lost.
During the game there were these 3 guys sitting in front of us that were playing a betting game. Dave and I were trying to figure it out and once we think we got it they would do something completely off that we were lost once again. We never saw who ended up with the money but I guess it didn't matter.
It did rain during the game but not enough for them to call if off. And luckily we were under the "roof" so we didn't get wet but that didn't last long. It was pouring by the time the game ended that we were soaked yet again.
The infamous sign

This just goes to show how crazy these people are.
They need more seating that they added bleachers to the top of buildings outside of the stadium.

Goes to show that we were at the very top of the stadium

Look at us :)

After the game we headed up back into the city to do more sight seeing
 and eat the famous Chicago style hot dog.
We parked at Navy Pier since that is where were going to end our day.
They have fireworks there during the summer so we couldn't miss out on that.
We finally got to see Cloud Gate aka the bean.
It was seriously so neat that we were there for a good hour taking pictures.
We are seriously such nerds.
The front of Navy Pier

These hot dogs were so good!
In fact that sounds good right now.

Finally riding the 'L' red line

Anyone seen 'Adventures in Babysitting' and recognize this building?

The Bean!

Those are fingerprints all over it! That's why it's so dirty

I love this picture for the fact that the skyline is in the picture even though we are facing it.

Beautiful skyline at night

Us waiting for the fireworks at Navy Pier
 While we were waiting for the fireworks we found out that Ryan has never been on ferris wheel!
We found that a bit outrageous and luckily there is a ferris wheel at the pier so we bought our tickets and waited in line like we were at Disneyland. 40 min wait!
I say it didn't count as it was a caged ferris wheel. So in my opinion he needs to go on a legit carnival ferris wheel.
Afterwards we just headed home as we knew we had to wake up early for our last day before flying out that day and we had a jam pack  day!
Ryan and Tori

Dave and Yours Truly

This picture is the last of collages and it does include some pictures from our last day
 Gratitude Rocks!!!
 - My trials, this amazing monsoon season, my amazing counselors that I get to serve with, the blessing of tithing, Mexican food (I can't get enough of it right now)