Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Running with the Animals

Well, more like running along side them.
I did a 5K at the zoo on Saturday!
My friend Tori had decided that she wanted to do it with her friends and she talked to our friend Mary Ann who signed me up without me knowing.
So I did it and I am grateful that Mary Ann did that for me.
It was a lot of fun but I'm not gonna lie, really hard.
I have been running lately but on flat ground.
The zoo was covered with hills so I ran probably a little more than half of it.
It's not perfect but neither am I
But hopefully soon I can do it, no matter the territory.
You might be looking at a future runner here.
Bring on the next 5K!

After we did the 5K we got to spend the day at the zoo for free.
It has been forever since I have been to a zoo and felt like a little kid.
It was so fun to see all the different animals and interact with some monkeys.
I think at one point during the day all of us wanted to be a zoologist.

The group after the run
The headband I wore kept my motivation up somewhat

We were all in love with the orangutans

We got to interact with these cute guys
They were jumping and running around fun!

We were trying to get this guy to smile
He just stared at us like we were crazy

I love the giraffes

Seeing the flamingos led to this picture...

...doing the flamingo stretch

Seeing the macaws made me think of my sister Nicole
She always wanted one when she was little

These guys were huge
I totally wanted to sit on it but that fence prevented me from doing that

Kanga and her Roos

Our participating shirts
Who doesn't love a tiger on their chest?
Gratitude Rocks!!
- honesty, motivating friends, paying off one of my debts (only one left to pay off), a valentine that brings a smile to my face.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Another Year Older

*Warning this is long post with a story and a ton of pictures

So it happened!
I turned 31 this past Saturday and boy was it a month.
I didn't do anything special till the week of my birthday but the month was full of mystery.
Let me tell you the story:
So about 3 weeks before the big day, my friend Kristen asked me to take the Friday before my birthday off. Of course questions arise as to why when my bday is on Saturday and have all day to play or to do what she had planned. She was so mysterious and it was driving me crazy instantly. You see, I hate surprises with a passion. Just ask my mom, I wouldn't talk to her for about 3 or 4 hours after she sprung a surprise on me. And because I hate surprises, I have this gift to figure it out with no problem. I thank my Grandpa for passing this gift to me. So the moment she wanted me to take Friday off I had a guess in my head of what was going on. I just needed the confirmation to go along with my theory. So the weeks pass and everyday my suspicions grew stronger and I was convinced that I new my secret gift. I just didn't tell anyone what I thought it was, well I told my family and Kara. I did tell my friend Ellen but because she didn't say anything about it, I knew I was dead on. So I had to just keep lying to my friends, (well actually Kristen claims she was the only one that knew but I can read her and everyone else well so I knew everyone knew) saying that I had no idea when in reality I knew and I was so excited. She the thing about surprises is that that excitement gets taken away and I miss out on being giddy. So once I was 100% sure I was so happy that I couldn't even sleep and waiting for Friday seemed like forever away. I did get the Friday off and come Thursday I went to bed tired and wanting sleep, knowing I wouldn't sleep at all that weekend. I was awoken by my friend Tori calling wanting to go get some pancakes at ihop, of course I turned her down as I was tired and not hungry. So I try to go back to sleep when I was again awoken by the knock that I had so desperately wanted to hear. It was Dave! I was right! He flew down to celebrate with me. So when I opened the door I didn't act surprised just so happy that he was here. Of course Kristen was bummed when I told her that I knew from the get go but I reassured her that it was OK cause I was so excited that he was coming. In fact everyone was shocked that I knew this whole time. And the reason everyone knew was because they all pitched in to fly him here. Once I figured that out, I cried. I didn't feel that I deserved such a gift. I was so extremely grateful. So he was here, and I got to spend my Friday with just him. Just the two of us :) We went to the Botanical Gardens, lunch and back to my house to watch some of our favorite TV shows. It was a great day that ended with Kristen's cultural party.
My actual birthday was spent with a light lunch from Ned's, taking pictures on Main St with the statues and dinner at Lucille's with some of my favorite people. Then back to Mary Ann's house for games and just chillin'. It was seriously one of my top 3 birthday's and I have Kristen to thank for that. Without her clever idea of giving me the best gift I have ever been given it may not have been as memorable as it was. Granted I had a ton of fun but having my best friend here made it super awesome!
Now on to the many pictures that I wanted to share.

Benihana gives you $30 for your bday month so I invited the girls to come with me this time
Lexie, Bday Girl, Mary Ann, Ellen, Kristen and Tori

Botanical Garden
You use that tool to pick the fruit on top of the cactus

Dave in one of the many different kinds of huts

A future home? Maybe not

Saturday spent with the statues

Ride him Kristen!

Not sure what Kristen is doing but who cares it was my bday

Still waiting for my prince to come

We tried to do the same pose as our 1st picture together
It was close

At dinner
Mary Ann got me this hat that I wanted a few months back
She also threw in some playing cards. Thanks Mern!

Just a few of the people that came to be with me
Kristen,Tori and Ellen

Crystal, Heather, Scott and Mick

Danny and Paige with there handsome boy Logan

Tyson, Brian and Sara

Birthday kiss from Tyson

Some of the boys that were there
Ryan, Chase, Bday Girl, Tyson and Dave

Chow down Mern!

Happiness right there!

Dave gave me this book that he had made
'The Adventures of Sarah 'n' Dave'
That is our first photo together on the front
It was a great book that made me cry, thank you Dave

I just love this photo to pieces
Thanks for snapping it Mern

I told Mary Ann that I wanted to be on the roof at the time I was born.
We missed it by a few minutes but still super fun

Mern, Bday Girl and Ellen

Ellen, Mary Ann, Tori (who, in all these fotos looks like this), Bday girl and Dave

Part of the gang, Crystal and Lindsay took the pictures
Front row: Bday girl, Dave, Kristen, Tori and Levi
Back row: Nate, Ellen, Mary Ann, Ryan, Sara and Brian

Gratitude Rocks!!
- Mary Ann for letting me crash at her house all weekend, Mick for reminding me that I am halfway to 62, Kristen for the brilliant idea, Jakeb for hooking Dave up with a ticket, Lexie for letting me wear her clothes all weekend, and everyone else for loving me and supporting me, I love you all!