Monday, February 21, 2011

Smarties may be smart but they aren't funny

So it's been awhile.
Things have happened.
And things have not happened.
But I won't bore you with those sad details.
Let move on to the happiness.
I got a new phone.
I know this shouldn't qualify as making me happy
but it does.
I think the real joy is finally deciding which phone to get.
Droid vs iPhone
This small action took a lot out of me
I read tons of articles
Talk to a dozen people
Weighing my options
Seriously people you have no idea.
I don't weigh my options.
My furniture: I sat in it, loved it, SOLD!
Didn't look for anything else.
My home: Looked at the first house, loved it, SOLD!
Never looked at anything else.
Who does that when you are house shopping?!
Me, I tell you, ME!!
So you can imagine the foreign territory I was treading in purchasing something that would determine how I was going to call or text you.
It was ridiculous.
Decision made
Introducing my new phone
The Droid X AKA Hooker
So getting the new phone required me getting photos off my old phone
I went down memory lane
and found this beauty
I went through a phase of always eating Smarties
I couldn't get enough.
One day I came back from lunch and found this on my desk
My Smarties decided to drop the smart act and be funny.
At first I was offended but when I found out who did it,
I chuckled.
You gotta love the boss that I work for. How inappropriate but hilarious!
Nicole made me Aunt Sarah
Oliver J Gillman was born 2/1/2011
Read her story here. He is the most adorable kid.
I honestly can't get enough.
My favorite thing; his lips.
I am in love with this kid's lips.
He has been down some rough roads but are turning into smooth trails.
Love you Ollie!
Look at those lips.
Gratitude Rocks!!
-Ollie, Nicole & Brady for the amazing parents that they are, the amazing compliments after singing for stake conference, the search for my "happily ever after." (read Pres. Uchtdorf conference talk to the Young Women from April 2010)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Days 23 - 30!

This week has been by far my favorite!!
I did the one thing that I wanted to do during this process.
Everybody had their doubts.
Little do they know that when you doubt me,
I come through with full force!
Day 23
Tag a friends car
Can you believe that I have never vandalized a car?!
I have everything else, but not a car.
Done and done
Day 24
Paint Balling!!
This was so much fun!
I do have bruises that hurt but am so proud of them.
Thanks to Amie for making this happen!
Day 25
I made a Spicy Sausage Soup
It was pretty good except that it wasn't really soup
The rice took all the liquid
Oh well, still tasty
Day 26
I ate oysters
Well let me rephrase, I ate an oyster
I put one in the mouth and spit that out quickly
I was determined to get one down the gullet
I succeeded and got disgusted.
Day 27
Read to homeless kids
I went to a homeless shelter and the kids of the families that stay there come to be read to.
I read to a really cute 5 year old named Chris
He kept bringing me educational books
I made up my own stories to keep his interest
Very fun and rewarding
Day 28
This day got a bonus double new thing
That's right, I did it!
This is the one thing that I wanted to do mostly and the one thing that people doubted me.
Well, in your face!
Heather and I were going to do another new thing that night and invited friends
She got a friends Katherine to come and a guy named Chase
Driving to meet them I asked her if Chase would be willing to kiss me
Of course, she says
Before he even has time to say hello she asks him if he would be willing to help accomplish a girls goal of kissing a stranger
He of course says yes, that was one of his goals as well
Heather says I have such a girl here and points to me
He is stoked and comes in for the kill but backs off
He says he needs gum
Um, what!!!!
I tell him that won't be necessary as this is just a peck
He didn't want to take any chances.
The next thing I know we are kissing
And kissing and kissing
That was one lingering peck
Heather was having fun not telling us that the picture was taken
After we shake hands and exchange names.
get in my car to drive to dinner for number 2 new thing
Lo Lo's
Chicken and Waffles
I was hesitant at first
but turns out super delish!
I complete recommend this place to anyone
The south new what they were doing
Day 29
I was going to carry the kiss to this day
but I got a lovely surprise instead
I had flowers delivered to me!
I know it was nothing new I did
but I have never had flowers delivered to me before
I don't have a picture but they are beautiful
Thank you to my lovely family in New Mexico
I love you all with my whole heart! Day 30
I turned 30!!
Never been 30
Stoked to be 30
This isn't the best photo but you need to be a little cheesy on your birthday
This day was awesome!
Full of Madre time and friends time
Thank you to all for the amazing gifts and birthday wishes
This day was a lot better than I thought
I love you all so much!

Top 5 Favorite days

1) Kiss a stranger

2) Read to homeless kids

3) Paint balling

4) Day with no internet

5) Thank you cards to bosses

Top 5 Worst days

1) Sleep naked

2) Kiss the ground

3) Eat Oysters

4) Shot of wheat grass

5) Failed brownie recipe

Gratitude Rocks!!

- Every single person that made this past 30 days possible.