Thursday, February 20, 2014

3 Generations In A Car

Right after Christmas Mom, Grandma and I packed up the car and drove to New Mexico to surprise our family for my cousin Cooper's endowment session and farewell talk for his mission. With the help of his sister Jenny we pulled it off wonderfully. Tears were shed and you know that's a good thing when you surprise someone for a special occasion. The best part was that no one knew that Grandma was coming so it was even better! 
The drive was great, hearing Grandma share stories of the past and just being with these 2 wonderful women who raised me was something that I will always remember.

I've got to teach these ladies to tilt their heads down for pictures
Resting at the hotel before dinner.
Grandma was into her book
Mom into her cross stitching. She was trying to finish a baby quilt for Jasper
I just love this much!
We went and saw Saving Mr Banks before the big surprise.
Such a great movie!
They are getting the head tilt thing down.
Right outside the temple.
3 of my favorite people.  My Aunt Niecy is the bomb!
Guys! There was snow! I froze the entire time and was so happy to be back in the valley of the sun.
This girl does NOT enjoy winter.
Because of the surprise we were a little worried about sleeping arrangements especially since there was other members of the family there but luckily it all worked out. My aunt's neighbor was out of town and left her the keys to their house so we just bunked there for the weekend. Thank you to the people who didn't give us permission, you rock!
Spending time with family that I rarely see was so enjoyable and it's just what the I needed. We did a lot of eating (true Bingham fashion), watched football (true Christensen fashion), played games, and caught up on life.
I love my family and am thankful to be apart of it.

Cooper got a bunch of mexican coke for Christmas and shared one with me.
First coke in at least 10 years. It was good but I don't miss it.
The great Rio Grande

^^^I just love this kid. 
Cooper and I are 14 years apart but we have always had this connection that is hard to explain. I think it's because we have the same sense of sarcastic humor. He always cracks me up. Cooper has always said that he would marry me if we weren't cousins. How cute is that?
I will miss him but he will make the best missionary. I wouldn't be surprised if he becomes the AP someday. Reading his letters in the MTC are an inspiration to me and he's an excellent example of  Christlike love.

Got to shoot a crossbow.
A lot of  shooting went on during the Christmas break

Looking on to whomever was shooting next.
Love these boys!

I taught my family "What's in your undies?" and we had a great time.
Laughter is always in the mix when you play games with my Uncle Davis

That temp is just not right! I was so happy to see it climb to 70s.

^^^Funny story
I filled up in Deming and drove home to Safford. I was going 80 mph, did some U-turns, slammed on the brakes cause of dumb drivers. And when we got home mom pointed this out to me. I completely forgot to put the cap back on and by some miracle it stayed there the entire time! I was so shocked and dumbfounded. I had no words. Even grandpa was amazed. Which by the way, we missed him a lot that weekend. We wished he could have joined us but he knew and we knew that he wouldn't be able to go. We were so happy to him!

Such a great road trip and I am so happy that I was there to share with the beginning of Cooper's great 2 years on his mission. He was assigned to Brazil but didn't get his visa in time. He is reassigned to Spokane, Washington for the time being. Love and miss him.

Gratitude Rocks!!
- warm weather (sorry east coast peeps), answered prayers, cherry tomatoes, learning all about softball, Gilbert Temple (such a beaut)

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Christmas, New Years and a Masquerade. Oh My!

Christmas was so wonderful and a much needed escape from the city.
Yes, even this city girl needs a taste of the small town every once in awhile.
I hadn't spent Christmas in my hometown in at least 5 years that it was overdue.

Christmas Eve was spent at my Uncle and Aunt's house where we feasted on soup, enchiladas, relleno's, chips/salsa. The normal Mexican feast.
Sadly we missed our tamales but that was made up for the day after Christmas.
We sat around, chatted and laughed.
What the Binghams do best.
Christmas morning was great, I got things for my house
 which was very much needed and appreciated. 
We headed back to my Uncle and Aunt's for waffles and where I ate my weight in sausage.
I wish I was lying but there were witnesses.
I was then invited to go skeet shooting with my cousins.
Pictures below
Another thing checked off my bucket list.
I was surprisingly good. Even the boys were impressed.
I got about 6-8 depending on who you talked to.
A lot of guns were shot at the same time and in true man fashion, 
debate was played on who got the pigeon.
Overall it was as great Christmas and one of my favorites.
Thanks to the Bingham family for making it memorable!

View of snow top Mt Graham from G-rents home
My Grandma as a slew of nativities and this one is my favorite

Stockings hung with care

Their neighborhood always does the luminaries, so beautiful


New Years Eve was quiet. 
I was going to go out with my friend Emily but sadly she got sick.
I've had that happen, it's not fun.
So I had made the plan to stay home and celebrate with just me and the food network.
Mary Ann found out and requested that I come play with her and her family.
At about 9 I made the trek out to south Gilbert where I just missed the firework show but made it just in time to play Redneck Life.
 A game that makes me proud that I don't live that lifestyle.
I can't imagine having 8 kids from different fathers.
Having debt up the wazoo and cars that you pray don't get taken away.
Oh and to be able to keep your teeth, I sadly lost all of my by the time the game was over. 
Thanks Dad Haws for such a memorable experience.
The only resolution I made this year was to read 1 book per month.
I can't say that that will be kept but it's worth a shot for this girl who hates to read.

New Years Eve started like this
Perfectly content
Every year Mary Ann throws a masquerade party.
Where you get dressed up, graze on yummy food and meet people
I can't say I really met anyone new but I still had fun.
She asked me to make these snowflakes for part of her decorations.
I thought they turned out great. 
Thanks to my job for allowing me to have the time to do all those.

I heart thes girls!
Looks good, right?!

 Now it's back to the daily grind and normalcy.
I am happy to have a routine again. 
Always nice to have a break for 2 weeks but I am always glad when it's over too.
Is that weird?

Gratitude Rocks!!
- beehives who are willing to shovel manure, my bed (traveling a lot makes one glad to be back home), the birth of our Savior, Book of Mormon, an ipod to drown out the snoring 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Guess Who's Back?!

I know that it's been FOREVER and I have no excuse for it.
I have just been lazy.
But I am determined to get back in the swing of things and start documenting my life
regardless how boring or lame it may be.
I have been racking my brain trying to think of what I have done this past year.
If you follow me on Instagram you would know what I have been doing but I know that that won't suffice for future references so I need to add captions and stories.
Going through pictures and what not and I am so close to just
linking you to my friend's and family's blogs to help with the matter.
But I decided to just keep this super short with a ton of pictures.
Then I'll continue to keep better record from here on out.
These are in no particular order
That does take time and remember I am lazy when it comes to this blog
Went to Disneyland with the family

I finally got my quilt from Grandma.
Since this is my wedding quilt and I am no where near getting hitched
I was still blessed to get it but am not using it till that day arrives

Celebrated my 32nd Birthday with a few of my favorite people

Been working out getting ready to hike Rim to Rim in Oct 2014

Went to Mexico
And I am done with that area for quite awhile.
That trip stressed me out to tears.

Made tamales with family
So tasty!!

My cousin Clark took us on a ride in the fire trucks
That was super fun!

Got my nerd on and went to ASU Band Day with my mom and sister

Donned this priceless pant suit for Halloween
That is all one piece people!

Ran a color 5K

Attended my friends Ashley and Garren's wedding
One of my favorite receptions

My dear friend Tyson got married

Another dear friend Troy got married

Fancy dinner out with friends

Attending the 2nd Annual Masquerade Party

Another color 5K run

My first pie from last Thanksgiving
Luckily it was hit and will make it's second appearance next week

My friend Chirstie got married
A lot of friends got married this past year.
I said goodbye to these lovely beautiful women
I was put in the RS Presidency when I moved to the family ward
and I was only in there for a year before they only released me
Luckily I still get to see them but it's just different.
Now I get to lead these gorgeous girls!
They moved to YW where I am the 2nd counselor.
I am been so blessed with this calling and can't wait to experience these young women grow

They seriously bring me so much joy!
They are my favorite group to hang out with.

Some of the YW board helping me make cupcakes for Evening of Excellence

The finished product
I made high heel cupcakes to go with the theme for the youth this year
'Stand Ye In Holy Places'
They turned out cute and were well appreciated
but I will never do those again
And of course I have been spending as much time as possible with this handsome devil
I get to be an Aunt again in February and I am beyond excited!

Gratitude Rocks!!
 - conference talks, new hair color, nice weather, stadium stairs to train on, Young Women program, Beehives that put the biggest smile on my face, apples, a friend that drives me absolutely bonkers but still care for.