Monday, July 19, 2010

2 Adult Kids in Cali

About a month ago, I had a dear friend bite the dust.
She got married.
I am super happy for her.
She had a reception in California and I thought why not.
I have nothing else to do.
Plus it gets me to The Happiest Place On Earth.
So I asked my friend Dave to drive with me.
He would be the perfect companion for the drive as well as Disneyland.
Happy Times!!!
Time for the reception;
Great Food.
Cute little girls snapping pictures with my camera.
Broken camera.
The cute little girls dropped my camera.
A little ticked but oh well, it's done.
Here are a couple of the snap shots taken.
Payton looking sad. She wanted to take some pics. Kylie, the little culprit that broke the camera. Love her!
Ruston and Doug Lansan Dave Yours Truly Now onto Disneyland. Dave and I only attended said park. We did all but 7 rides. We did all the shows; Parade, Firework Show, Fantasmic. The weather was perfect, never did it reach above 80! Since my camera was broken, Dave was a trooper and snapped photos and one lovely video. He just cracks me up. I had the time of my life. The tram on the way to Happiness! Jungle Cruise Being attacked by fake men. Captain EO had returned! It wouldn't be a true Dave photo without a pose.
The classic pose in front of the castle.
Beginning of parade.
They stopped in front of us for about 10 minutes
and sang, danced and even a conga line.
We were having the time of our lives
singing and dancing on the bench.
We were seriously 2 kids.
We may have looked like "special people."
Neither one of us had ridden Dumbo in a long time
so why not.
So at the beginning of the day,
Dave had a challenge that whoever saw someone they knew
the other person had to buy the winner a churro.
Now Dave is an army brat.
He has lived in a lot of places,
hails from Utah.
Surely he would win.
I Win!
I see Mr. Wilson, my teacher from JR high.
"Hello, free churro. You are one of the best parts about this place."
On the tram coming back to the car.
Again, not a photo without Dave posing.
We were so tired.
Feet and shins are in pain. However, we had so much fun!
Nice little getaway.
Here is the video that Dave took while riding Autopia.
He makes me smile.

Gratitude Rocks!!

-letters, books, a hat that finally looks good on me, bruises that remind you how much fun you had.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Source of Entertainment

Anyone that truly knows me, knows that I hate to read. I get really bored with it and it takes a lot to have a book grab me and suck me into its world. When asked what my favorite book is I actually do have an answer for them.
It is "The Giver."
I was flying to Salt Lake City one summer and had asked Nicole to recommend a book for me to read. She lent me that one and it was read in 2 days! Now anyone who has either read or seen that book, probably did or could read it in a day. But 2 days, that is a feat for me and I must say I am proud of myself.
Well, the reason for this post, while I was in the car driving to Cali (post about that later when I get pics from Dave) Dave and I were talking about what it would be like to live in a day when there was a horse and buggy to get you places,
where you had to grow your food,
hard labor was always a must sometime during your day,
entertainment was not relied on video games and television.
Well that got me thinking about my source of entertainment.
I love TV and movies.
I get so drawn into characters on the tube and just fall in love.
I even watch TV and movies at work.
Don't roll your eyes! I do work people, it's on the side of my screen, geez.
Thinking and knowing that I rely a lot of entertaining me is by the tube kind of makes me sad.
I am turning off "the box" and reading for a week.
I want to fall in love with different characters.
I will have 3 books going.
CRAZY!! especially for a girl who hates the novel.
I will have one at work,
one at home
and one that I will read just before bed.

I am going to go in with a positive attitude and hope that by the end of the week, I will be a lover of books. Mom will so proud.

Gratitude Rocks!!

-Popsicles, hugs, Disneyland, flowers, a slow dance, blessings

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Howdy, Howdy, Howdy!

I am hoping that Nicole read that title in the voice that I typed it in.

Well, here I am. Sarah Buckley in my true form. Deciding to try out my own blog and seeing where it takes me and where I take it. You would think that since I am starting this, that there must be something happening that is worth sharing. Like dating someone special, going to exotic places, getting a new a throw pillow, but alas no, it's just me. But hey, when I get that new throw pillow I will for sure let all of you know.

I am starting a blog for many reasons.

1) I got rid of Facebook. It was time. I got so addicted to it that I gave myself an intervention. No letters were written but needless to say I gave myself a good talking to. I am very convincing to myself. Thanks self. 2) My family has no ways of keeping tabs on me. No Facebook, remember. I know I lead an elaborating life (haha!!) so keeping this updated with various thoughts and happenings might be good for them. 3) Friends have encouraged me to write about things that might interest other people. Like going out to restaurants, watching movies, etc. Might be fun, as long as the budget, as well as my waist line, hold out. I would like to say that I plan on posting everyday, I mean I did laugh at elaborating, so my goal is once a week. If something comes up, I will for sure blog about it. So let's see, hopefully this will entertain you.
Gratitude Rocks!
Help from Holls Balls, water, sunshine, discounts, Madre and all her awesomeness,
becoming an Aunt!