Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Promised Land

On Saturday I wanted to get some of my friends together to go see the Healing Field at Tempe Town Lake.
Basically it is a field of American flags representing each victim that died during 9/11.
It was so neat to be there and read some of the victims little history.
I wish I could have read all of the them.
At one point we were all standing under a tree for some shade and started to reminisce
about that day and what we were all doing.
Suddenly in the distant someone started playing TAPS.
It got silent from all the people that were there, I admit I got teary-eyed, it was so patriotic.
I remember that day 10 years ago.
I was getting ready for work that morning and usually listen to tunes on the radio.
The radio wasn't playing any tunage so I was curious as to why.
I listened more closely and realized what was going on.
I run out to the living room to find my roommates watching the TV.
Just then I saw the second plane hit the tower.
I remember sitting there just crying and not wanting to leave for work.
I did however and luckily all the boys get TV on there computers.
I instantly went into my bosses office and just sat in front of his computer all day long.
I saw both towers fall and just sat there in amazement.
Beyond that I don't remember much. I may have talked to my mom.
I do remember that I was feeling down the next day and needed a pick me up.
I drove the long way to work and drove by the temple.
It was so neat to see the Christus in the visitors center with the American Flag waving in front outside.
It was a great reminder that this is the promised land and no matter what evil comes to invade it that it will always be blessed if we live righteously.
I love this land and the beauty that comes with it.

Dave walking through

Mern and Kristen

Jakeb reading about one of the victims

Majority of the flags. There were more south.

Mern, Jakeb, Kristen, Dave, Crystal and Yours Truly
 Since we are talking patriotism let's chat about 4th of July
I got together with some friends for a BBQ and games.
Julie taught us how to play 'Ninja'.
Basically you have to hit another persons hand with only one move.
Last person standing wins.
We then headed down to Tempe Town Lake to watch the fireworks.
Of course, while waiting we played our new found love of 'Ninja'.
We entertained everyone around us and actually some other people decided they wanted to play with us.
Strangers took pictures and we got a lot of spectators.
The fireworks were awesome and lasted a hour.
Your neck can get really tired after looking up that long.
It was probably one of the most memorable 4th that I have had in a long time.
Thanks to all for celebrating with me!
Troy and I trying to hit one another during 'Ninja'

Ellen, Brian, Yours Truly, Kristen, Troy and Dave
Gratitude Rocks!!
- another new calling (that is now technically 4), exercise, soft pretzels & cheese, Mern, my Camelbak bottle, cooler weather (finally!!) 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What Happens In Vegas...I share

A friend of mine was celebrating her birthday.
She didn't want to do just any other celebration
So she collected a group to go to Vegas.
I was hesitant since I am not a fan of Sin City
I don't go to clubs and I don't gamble
 and the shows are so expensive
What is the point?
But I went because I thought everyone/thing deserves a second chance
We stayed at Excalibur Resort.
Clearly that place needs some updating but it was fun since we had joining rooms.
Basically all we did was sleep, eat and play.
I told them that we had to eat the buffet @ the Bellagio.
So good and they loved it!
Of course we had to watch the water show at said resort and enjoyed it.
The next day we just walked around the strip and went to the wax museum.
That is, of course, where all the pictures get taken.
The next day we come home.
Overall it was a fun trip, I am glad I went.
I got to know my friends a little better and have some really nice chats.
Thank you to Mern aka Mary Ann for inviting me.
Thank you for Mom for letting us take your car so we can sit comfortably.

Our place of resting

Kristen and I got everything from the dessert buffet
About half was worth more than one bite

Mern, Christie, Kristen and Yours Truly waiting for the water show to start

Sexy beast!

Crush of my younger days.

Bond. James Bond

Our group minus Robin who did other things while we did the tour

Cowboy Up!

A great man with 2 great ladies
 The funny thing about Vegas...
I am going back in October!
But this time around I am stoked to go.
Going to see The Lion King!

Gratitude Rocks!!
- Realization that I have no reason to be jealous, plates/bowls/cups/silverware (think about it), music that uplifts, testimony meetings where I hear a testimony that strengthens my own