Thursday, June 28, 2012

Holla! Moment

I have been a little gone from here and for those that care, I am sorry.
A lot has happened around here.
But then again not really.
I am in the same house, same job, same car, same amazing life.
Just a few things have changed.
As you know, I was booted from the singles ward
for being too awesome :)
and have been in the family ward for 2 months now.
Let me tell you, this ward doesn't waste any time.
I already have a calling (for 1 month now) and I already spoke in church.
My calling....RS Secretary!
For someone who doesn't know anyone in the ward, this calling intimidates me.
But I am working with an amazing presidency and I am praying a lot that I will learn everyone in the ward.
Speaking in church definitely helped with that.
Not the way I wanted to approach the trial but hey, it works I guess.
Let me tell you about the talk.
Nerves were present, tears were almost present, even embarrasment was persent.
I was asked to speak on forgiving others.
Not so bad, in fact I learned a lot...what I needed.
Anyways, this was only my 2nd time speaking since high school.
I have mad skills dodging the infamous "we would like you to speak in sacrament" line.
When I get nervous, I tend to cry.
My amazing friends quickly stop me from doing that and I was good to go.
Until...I saw the Stake Presidency on the stand.
Sitting next to the Stake President wasn't nerve racking at all.
Nope not one bit!
Because of my nerves I said "Holla!" over the pulpit.
And I am pretty sure that I even did the 'raise the roof' hand gesture.
Red face emerges and I want to crawl under a rock!
But people loved it!
I met so many people afterwards, it was great!
Now trying to remember their names is another thing, I am so much better with faces.
I've got the faith :)

On to some fun stuff.
So far the summer has been kinda relaxing.
Hanging out with friends is something that I love to do and I couldn't be happier.
My amazing friend Mary Ann had a birthday and she wanted to have a cake fight.
So that's what we did.
Each of us had to bring a cake and we just went at it.
I wore a one piece swimsuit cause I didn't want anyone to put it down my crack.
My lovely friends would do that BTW.
We clean off with a hose, go swimming and then change to watch a movie.
Changing was awesome.
Cake all over my stomach! It was pretty disgusting.
Don't know how that happened...oh well.
(and yes I just shared that little tidbit)
Here are some pictures

This was taken when we went karoking
I am getting ready to leave for Chicago in 2 weeks!
I am ready to leave here for a couple of days
Even if it is to humid weather
If any of you have tips, restaurants to try, things to do about
 Chicago let me know. We have a list right now but will happy to take any information you have, as none of us have been there before.
I promise to try to be better about updating this.
Love to you all!

Gratitude Rocks!!
- instagram, the air conditioner, Sunny Mesa Ward Relief Society, finishing my talk, coconut milk, the Eagar's, a good laugh when it's much needed