Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The End of an Era

My best friend Dave left this morning.
 He moved back to Utah to finish his schooling
Am I sad?
That is certainly an understatement
Saying goodbye last night was horrible.
If any of you know me I cry at everything.
And I get very attached to people.
He and I knew each other his 1st Sunday here 2.5 years ago
and we have been friends ever since.
We have done everything together from movie going,
TV watching, road trippin', long chats, and even some heart break happened
Thanks for everything Dave, I love you tons!!
Our 1st picture together
The first of many

Our 1st road trip to Disneyland

The Happiest Place on Earth
I made this for his 30th bday
It's a bunch of quotes from our favorite TV show "Friends"

Making his birthday breakfast

Midnight premier of Harry Potter part 1

Camping up in Payson

4th of July in Tempe

Hot Air Balloon ride

Dinner at Cheesecake Factory

Hiking in Zion's National Park

Taking a break

Tuacahn to see "Grease"

Dinner in St. George
I was actually sick this day and he was so kind to give me a blessing

Premier of Harry Potter part 2

In Vegas to see The Lion King

Hiking Mt Graham

Rocky Point, Mexico

I got him a basket of his favorite things for his 31st bday

My "Friends" Party

I hosted a fancy dinner for some of my closest friends for Christmas
(more on this to come)

Our last picture together
This was at his going away party
A Masquerade :)
I will miss him terribly but I know I will see him again
and we will definitely keep in touch.
It just isn't the same without him here.
Luckily I have amazing friends here that are very supportive
and willing to make me feel better and distracted.
I love you all so much, thank you!!

Gratitude Rocks!!!
- having a friend read me like a book, having a friend that will let me cry all night, having a friend that will let me be myself completely, having a friend that cares for me

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

"I'll be there for you"

Post 1 of 3
I'm going to try to make these short & sweet

So awhile ago I got this grand idea to have a party be entirely around one of my favorite TV shows...Friends
I actually have a couple of friends that love the show too
So I thought it would be a great way to spend a Saturday night
We had the Joey special which is 2 pizzas
We had hot chocolate in our giant mugs
We watch a couple of episodes and played "Friends" Scene It
Boys Vs Girls and you will have to scroll down to see who won
the Gellar Cup.
That's right, there was even a Gellar Cup that went to the winners
For those who don't what that is, there is a great picture of it
It was a great night filled with laughter and friends
Thanks for all who came, it was a blast

Donning my "Friends" t-shirt and giant mug

The boys won!!
Tyson, Ryan, Brian, Dave and Jakeb
This is them holding the Gellar Cup

The Gellar Cup is a troll doll "nailed" to a 2x4

Watching the best show ever!

Yours Truly, Mern and Lexie

Even the Gillman's came
Everyone loved Ollie

These are the die hard fans - minus Nicole. She already left
Natalie, Jen, Ryan, Brian, Yours Truly and Dave
Gratitude Rocks!!!
- lunch, the creators of "Friends", Arizona winters, a clean car, utensils

Puerto Penasco

Post 2 of 3

My friend Troy had some amazing connections for a cheap place in Rocky Point
So I went through the whole process of getting a passport card
so I could go with all my friends.
And after a lot of easing my mom that things were going to be ok
we were off to Mexico.
We stayed at a resort on the beach in a huge condo.
I should have gotten pictures of the inside cause it was gorgeous
We went shopping in downtown,
ate some delicious authentic food,
hung out on the beach,
some went skinny dipping
(at night and I was not one of them),
and had some great conversations.
Super fun trip but I was glad to be back in my home country.
You can definitely tell the difference.
Shopping in downtown

Dave and I

The gang
Ashley, Mern, Troy, Kristen, Yours Truly, Dave and Lexie

Lexie and I weren't looking where everyone else was

Mariachi band
The guy in the middle was so gorgeous
I couldn't stop staring

Our resort

Beautiful sunset

Our last picture before heading home
Dave made this collage for us
Thanks Troy for hooking us up with a great weekend!

Gratitude Rocks!!
- USA, sand, ocean, chips and salsa, having connections, a friend willing to help me out

Vegas. Again!

Post 3 of 3

Las Vegas again was on the agenda.
This time around it was a lot more fun
All it consisted of was delicious food and a show
My kind of trip, especially to a place that I really could care less about.
We were there celebrating Dave's birthday.
He had never seen Lion King and since it was closing this year,
he wanted to see it before it left Vegas.
The show was amazing, as it always is.
However, they did leave out some scenes and cut my favorite short.
Oh well, everyone else that hadn't seen it loved it and it brought back memories of my first time seeing it. So much fun!
Tori, Dave, Yours Truly and Brian
We are in the garden at the Bellagio
We had just arrived

Our desserts from the Buffet @ the Bellagio

Dave captured how we felt after eating
Crazy full but completely satisfied

We met up with Brian's friend Steve-O

Captured perfectly

Clearly I didn't get the black and white memo
Also in my opinion...Dave went a bit too far

Dapper Men

We stopped at the dam on the way home

Tori, Yours Truly and Brian

Happy Birthday Dave!
I hope you enjoyed every day that we celebrated your birth
We also did a movie, dinner (twice) and a huge big breakfast
Love you Bud!

Gratitude Rocks!!
- Green mix burros, cute old ladies that I wish I could take home with me, toilets, hot chocolate, being all caught up with my adventures (holla)