Monday, October 18, 2010

Smiling A Lot Lately :)

Life is FAN-TAB-U-LOUS!!
I just wanted to share that.
Yours Truly, Brian, Dave & Courtney
Celebrating at Benihana's for Dave's birthday
Little plug; Benihana's gives you $30 gift card to use during your birthday month!
Holla! I can't wait for January, so sign up.
Speaking of Dave's birthday,
I wanted to give my best friend the best birthday gift.
He and I share a love for the TV show "Friends"
We quote it to each other ALL the time.
So I made a collage of the best quotes,
took a picture of the six cast members
and my dear friend Holly photoshopped our heads into the picture.
I loved it!
He loved it!
It was pure awesomeness!!
Remember me sharing my little joy of creepy crawling things?
We had this cute little guest at work.
I named him "Cheeto" for the time being.
I couldn't get enough of him.
Gratitude Rocks!!!
-Boys making me 2 meals in one day, singing, teaching people how to play a simple card game that they just couldn't grasp (so funny btw), chatting with madre about our weekends.

Friday, October 8, 2010

As Frank Sinatra would sing

"Start spreading the news"
I'm not leaving today however I am..
That's right, I am so happy right now with how everything is, it's great!
It took me a long time to get to this point and I am thrilled to be in this place.
Just thought you would guys would like to know.
Feel free to share the news, Frank Sinatra style.
Gratitude Rocks! - Faith in Heavenly Father, a good laugh, supportive friends and family. Thank you to all!!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

I am done...

with this HEAT!!!
It is bloody October! It should be at least in the 90s but NO. I still have to endure the triple digits. I love the summers here but I can always tell when I am sick of it. I want to open my windows at night. I want to turn off my A/C and save some money. I want to lay in my backyard and enjoy the cooler weather. Hopefully soon. Real soon before I go more insane. In the hopes of cooler weather here is a weekend I had this summer to escape the heat. I went to Eagar, AZ. A town that I thought I would never love, but at that moment I loved every minute of it. My friend Lindsay has a friend that lives there and he invited her to come play and she invited me and of course I jumped at the opportunity. A chance to wear a sweater, hell ya! Here are pictures from that weekend in July.
We went to the water tower and had to get there by climbing a fence.
I don't do that since the last time I climbed a fence I sliced my hand.
Luckily there was a huge gap between the ground and the fence.
Lindz and I That's right shooting was part of the plan. I hate guns with a passion but every time I shoot one I always hit the target. Impressive? 'Ello Beautiful Country! Crawdads that the family caught. I love holding creeping and crawling things. It's a little twisted joy that I get. Andy, Yours Truly, Lindz
Scary huh?
I think so. But first shot and I slaughtered that glass bottle. Boo Ya!
The Hat!
The only hat that I have ever found that looks somewhat decent on me.
Granted, my hair has to look a certain way, but I love it!
I miss that cool weekend. I want to experience that nice weather on my face here at home. Please come our way soon. Thank you oh so much Weatherman.
Gratitude Rocks!!
-Discovering a French Toast that I actually enjoy eating.
- Finished birthday projects
- Rubbing Nicole's belly
- Conference weekend
- My "a-ha" moment