Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Beauty That Is All Around Me

Zion's National Park
That place is so beautiful
At times though I wanted to leave and never return
Dave and I were reminiscing the other day,
he asked me my favorite and least favorite part of that trip.
I answered, "I hated the third hike we did but I loved that I finished it."
While we were there, we saw 2 shows at Tuacahn
The Little Mermaid and Grease
TLM was amazing!
So very creative and magical
What Disney creation is not magical?
Grease was good too.
I love all the old cars that were all over the stage
It was nice weekend away from the heat and spent with some really great friends.

Now enjoy the many photos that I had to narrow down.

Ryan and I at the end of our 1st hike

Kristen, Dave, Ryan, Troy and Yours Truly

Love this view

Kristen is terrified of heights.
It took a lot to get her to take this photo with me as you can tell

I don't know who snapped this, maybe Dave.
I was enjoying some alone time taking in the beauty

We had to leave Dave at the bottom of our 2nd hike, his knee was killing him
I got control of his camera and snapped these.
Troy, Ryan and Kristen

That's right, I snapped this gorgeous pix

Troy, Kristen, Yours Truly and Ryan

We saw a lot of wildlife
We were coming down the hike and saw a deer.

Kristen and I

We met up with Ellen and Lindsay later the 1st day
Here we are at the beginning of TLM
Ellen, Lindsay, Troy and Dave

Ryan, Yours Truly and Kristen
I was actually sick during that night
I fell asleep during the performance, whoops

The stage with the gorgeous natural background

Us with Prince Eric and Ariel after the show

Getting ready to load the bus to what I like to call our "Death Hike"

The boys were already ahead of us on the many switchbacks
Yours Truly, Ellen and Kristen


You can see in this photo a little part of the switchbacks that we had to climb
Kill me now! Kill me now.

After many many many stops and 3 hours later I made it to the top
People were actually cheering for me that I didn't know
I got a little choked up, I admit

What I climb up a mountain to see

The whole crew
Lindsay, Ellen, Ryan, Kristen, Dave, Yours Truly and Troy

We like craziness

The boys and I

The gals

Coming back down which was such a breeze
I need to find a hike that is downhill both ways, haha

Resting for a bit

You can already see the joy on my face that the "Death Hike" is almost done

Finished and happy as I can be

We went to Iceberg before we headed to Grease
Yummy shakes and a friend that teases me to no end

We had to stop to see the St. George Temple

Ryan had to leave so it's just the 3 of us

Dave, Lindsay, Yours Truly, Ellen, Kristen and Troy

I loved Tuacahn and can't wait to go see more shows

The gals

On the way home we stopped at some bridge that Ellen wanted to see
Definitely beautiful. I love the red rock

This is funny. We walk into the bathroom and see that the stalls are super short
So weird to see heads pop up when us women were done.
Love the face Kristen!
So much fun and memories that I will always love and cherish
I love being in nature cause you see Christ's love for us with his creation
Thanks Dave for putting this together :)

Gratitude Rocks!!
- knowing that a good friend is serving a mission in Iowa and one leaving soon to Wisconsin (those people are so lucky and blessed), time, my new calling of teaching RS, the brilliant minds behind making the Disney movies (love singing to all those songs)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

It All Ends With a Costume

Still playing catch up.
And since most of the boys are gone for the next 2 days, I have all the time in the world!

The Harry Potter franchise ended July 15th, 2011
I can't believe it is all over!
No more books, no more movies.
The only things I get to look forward to is Pottermore
and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Florida
Let me tell you right off that I did not enjoy the last book of HP.
I found it so disappointing and I get ridiculed every time the subject comes up.
I was just let down with the ending.
7 books to lead to an ending that, in my opinion, was a little weak.
Anyways, I did however enjoy the last movie.
I cried, maybe, 3/4 of the movie.
3 tissues!
A friend sitting 3 people away from me heard me blubbering.
What can I say, it was good/touching/sad.
Thank you JK Rowling for a wonderful world that you have created for us.
It has been a real treat.

So yes, I did dress up for the last movie.
I have a friend that lives and breathes dressing up for events.
I could count on at least 1 hand how many times he has dressed up for movie premiers.
He convinced me to do it for the last movie.
I did!
I went as just a Hogwarts Student. Nothing too great.
However, I did represent Gryffindor!
Thanks Brian for lending me your tie.
The people who dressed up
Brian, Deborah, Dave & Yours Truly

Our movie group
Vanessa, Tammy, Brian, Deborah, Yours Truly, Dave, Tori, Bethany

Aren't I a natural??

This guy right here convinced me.
He is a kid/nerd at heart :)

Gratitude Rocks!!
- Conference, coloring educational pictures, fruit, birthday's for friends, knowing someone so well